7 Real Pregnancy Truths

7 WEird facts Pregnancy facts (2)

Why is my neck getting darker? During my pregnancy, my neck and chest were covered with dark gritty spots. It felt like a thin layer of sand was just sitting on my skin.  I later learned this was called chloasma. It was totally harmless but looked (and felt) really strange. I remember scrubbing away at my neck because I originally thought my neck was covered with dirt. I was afraid it would linger on after I gave birth, but it went away almost immediately after my Livvy arrived.

 Metal mouth. Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I developed a strange metallic taste in my mouth called dysgeusia. It changed the taste of everything I ate and stayed with me at all times. Just imagine sucking on a copper flavored lollipop. Ugh! As a lover of food, this was a no-go for me, but there was nothing I could do about it. Luckily, it faded away after my first trimester, but my taste buds continued to turn against me when I ate my favorite foods. Nothing tasted the same, and I could detect ingredients in foods I’d never noticed prior to getting pregnant. This is also one of the ways I developed horrible eating habits while pregnant. I was just trying to find something that didn’t taste like copper!

Tiger stripes all over. Honey, I thought I was doing something with my cocoa butter lotion and my cocoa butter oil. I mean I was doubling up, so I was sure to prevent myself from gaining any type of stretch marks. Well to this day, my belly is stretch mark free. My inner thighs, however, now look like they’ve been mauled by a tiger. No one told me to grease up down there! I couldn’t even see down there! How was I to know my skin was stretching like an old rubber band? They’re not even the little cute kitten paw stretch marks. These are straight up wild vicious tiger stripes. Needless to say mommies, grease up all over. Some people think stretch marks are hereditary. They feel either you get them or you don’t. Next time, I’m bathing in cocoa butter just to be on the safe side!

 I was told there would be glowing! My adult acne was horrible while I was pregnant. It was my understanding that my skin would have a natural glow, and I would prance around fresh-faced while a cool breeze brushed against my face. Welp, I quickly learned that was a lie. My face usually breaks out with painful pimples around “that time of the month,” and that’s exactly what happened during my entire pregnancy. I gained new pimples at least 3-4 times a week.  By the I gave birth to Livvy, my face was covered in acne scars. Needless to say, the only glow I was getting was from the heavy makeup application I applied every day.

 Hemorrhoids. Umm yeah, I’ll just leave that one right there.

She’s a handsome woman. This was a crazy one. I had hair growing in places I never would have imagined. I’ve always been a fan of laser hair removal, but most medical spas strongly advise against the procedure while you’re pregnant. Thank God for razors because my manly hairs had to go!

Morning and night sickness. So I’d heard about the dreaded morning sickness, but mine lasted all day. I had it all planned out. Since it was morning sickness, I’d just do all of my upchucking before I left the house. Then the rest of the day would be just fine. This would be simple, right? WRONG! I was sick from sun up to sun down.  It was like a permanent hangover, and I couldn’t even drink! Once I hit my fourth month, I started feeling a little better, and my sickness changed from nausea to physical challenges. (We’ll get to that in a later post. LOL) The only thing that brought me even just minimal relief was to rest up in bed at every chance I could get.

It's all worth it

Now, I know this all sounds rather umm interesting, and it is. When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes a LOT of changes. You’re creating the most precious part of yourself you’ve never met. The stretch marks, pimples, and everything else will be a faint memory and worthy sacrifice once you lay eyes on your bundle of joy. For me, the most difficult part of pregnancy was my fear of the unknown. It can be scary, but you’re not alone mommy. I’m right here with you.

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