It’s Fall Y’all!



Ok! So fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. My husband claims I say this at the beginning of every season, but whatever! lol But no seriously, there is something about fall that just refreshes my soul. The cool crisp wind, the crunching of leaves, and the now bearable patio brunches are just a few reasons I get giddy around this time. Now it may not truly feel like summer is over just yet, but here in Texas summer is like getting a taste of satan’s personal wrath. So many of us are excited about even the slightest thought of a cool front. And this year, I have a two-year old to partake in all of my extreme fall chessiness. This just couldn’t get any better!In light of our new seasonal change,  I’ve decided to share with a few of my favorite fall fun spots for Livvy!

Blessington Farms


Flower picking at Blessington Farms

Yall, this farm has EVERYTHING!  I’m talking hayrides, pumpkin patches, jump stations and so much more! I don’t know who had more fun…me or Livvy! As a mom, my favorites parts were the great photo opportunities, but a little miss sassy somebody wouldn’t cooperate for too terribly long. Actually, she didn’t cooperate for pictures at all but whatever. lol She was way more interested in the tire sand mountain, barrel train ride, and climbing spider web. (You know, the actual fun stuff ) lol. If you do visit Blessington Farms, you may want to arrive early and make a day out of it. Also, check the site before you head out. They close the farm some days due to weather and other events. There’s a lot to explore at Blessington Farms, and you won’t want to miss anything they have to offer! This will definitely be an annual family outing for my family!

Houston Zoo Boo


This year Livvy and I will be getting  all my money’s worth by attending each and every function that will allow her to wear her costume. That includes visiting the Houston Zoo’s Zoo Boo! Houston’s Zoo Boo encourages zoo goers to wear costumes and partake in the Halloween fun. Some of the fun includes a pumpkin patch, candy corner, spooky stamp station, and participation in a zookeeper’s adventure. Activities for toddlers are available throughout the week, and there’s even a movie night October 27th! Check out the Houston Zoo’s site to find out which activity and day will work best for your little ones and you!

Houston Heights Library


This is actually one of my favorite hidden gems all year long. You can check out the schedule for any Houston Library online, but the Heights location has always been one of my favs! They offer Toddler Storytime, Baby Yoga, Family Craft, and other activities I didn’t know existed for such little people! lol The added bonus is that Donovan Park (a small playground) is right down the street. I suggest you take full advantage of this fall weather and let your little ones run around the park until they are exhausted! These two locations paired together will leave your little one tuckered out, and that’s what I call mommy success! lol

Children’s Museum Monster Mayhem

I can never go wrong with taking Livvy to the Children’s Museum. This season, you can find added fall activities besides the already exciting exhibits they offer. Trick or Treating is offered everyday and yes… there’s another pumpkin patch. Oh how we love our pumpkin patches lol. On October 27th, your little ones have the opportunity to get slimed, and then there’s a full blown Halloween party on October 31st. The activities for the Monster Mayhem vary for kids depending on their ages, so you may want to check out the link below before you plan your visit. You can’t go wrong with taking a child of any age, but knowing the fun you want to focus on before your visit may save you lots of time and headaches!

Urban Harvest Farmers Market

In my opinion, this one is a win- win situation. Livvy can have fun helping me pick out fresh veggies and I get a little shopping done as well! Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market offers tons of fresh produce from local farmers each week. However, depending on the weekend, sometimes you can catch a lot more than just that. Live bands, educational class for little ones, and small restaurants are also a part of the fun. I’m down for anything that will get us of the house and lets my Livvy run around (again, until she passes out lol).  Once you visit a farmer’s market, you’ll be hooked. The quality of food and fall weather together are a refreshing alternative to the stuffy stores we often find ourselves in throughout the week.

Honorable Mentions

Houston Fairytale Ball– Here’s a chance for your little princess to enjoy a day with classic fairy tale princesses! (November 17-18)

City Centre Parachute-You’ll be able to enjoy the fall weather while mixing and mingling with other moms of tots.  (every third Friday)

Sometime you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.- Dr. Suess.png

Overall, I think fall is all about creating memories and having fun! These days with Livvy are flying, and she’s growing right before my eyes! I encourage you to capture as many memories as you can, but don’t forget to live in the moment. These are the days that we will look back on and say, “those were the good ole’ goods.” So make them good, and that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. At the end of the day, what;s most important is that your kids will be able to look back and remember the laughter, the joy, and the traditions that were created by you.



My New Normal


Picture this….you take a pregnancy test (you know, just in case), so you can enjoy a glass of wine. The box says it will take two minutes, but before you can blink it reads, “POSITIVE!” Your heart starts racing, and your mind is filled with confusion. How did this happen?! I mean, I know how this happened, but how did this happen?! Ohhhh….that’s how it happened. You suddenly remember that night. In a nutshell, that’s pretty much how I was introduced to mommyhood. Fast forward to sixteen months later, and everything is back to normal. My house is in order, my career is thriving, and my body is better than ever! Talk about bringing sexy back! Did I sound convincing? Chiiiile please… house is a mess, my boobs are leaking, and making it to work on time only happens in my dreams.

Addicted to Mommyhood wants moms to stop aiming for perfection and start aiming for balance. We’ve all had our moments of frustration and allowed guilt to beat us down. But guess what? It okay to be #addictedtomommyhood and still want more for your career, relationship, and even enjoy a night out with the girls! It’s also okay to admit that you have no idea what you’re doing, and barely making it day by day.  We’re all walking this journey. So why not walk it together?

This is my new normal, and I’m just trying to find my way!